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Phoenix Gate Repair, Installation & Replacement

At Elite Garage Doors and Gates, we understand that a gate is more than just an entry way—it’s a statement. Our gates are meant to secure your belongings while adding style by matching the aesthetics of your Phoenix home. Our gate technicians specialize in a wide range of gate repair services, ensuring that your gate remains secure and aesthetically pleasing. We’re here to fix any and all of your gate problems — electronic gate issues, gate misalignment, failing hinges, and more.

Phoenix Gate Repair – Common Problems

Residential gates can experience a wide range of issues that require repair. Here are common problem that we see and solve:


Electric Gate Malfunction:

Automated gates have electrical components like control panels, motors, sensors and, unfortunately, they don’t last forever. If any of these components start to malfunction, it can lead to your gate being completely inoperable.

Motor Issues: 

Automated Gates rely on motors to open and close and like any other motor, they can fail. A common symptom of a bad motor is when your gate is moving slower than usual or not working at all. 

Gate Alignment:

This very common problem can be caused by bolts loosening, ground settling, weather, or accidental impacts such as backing your car into it. Misalignment makes it difficult to open and close your gate and you might even notice it scraping against the ground or posts. The scraping caused by misalignment can cause further damage to your gate. 


Worn Hinges and Hardware:

Hinges and hardware that hold your gate in place deteriorate over time due to regular usage and exposure. This can lead to sagging and poor operation.


Almost all gates can experience rust and corrosion, but especially metal gates. Rain and moisture are the cause. If your gate is rusting, it’ll likely get worse. This weakens the gate and its appearance.


Broken Gate Panels:

Many gates have decorative panels made of wood, metal, etc. These materials can be damaged by impact, weather, animals, and much more. Broken panels obviously make for an eye sore but they also compromise the security of the gate.


Frayed Cables and Chains:

Gates that use cables or chains typically experience some wear and tear over the years. This can lead to fraying or breaking, which can cause the gate to malfunction.


Gate Opener Problems: 

The gate opener is essential in the operation of your gate and there are several mechanisms that can fail; gears, belts, chains, etc. This leads to a slow-moving gate or complete failure.


Remote Control or Keypad Problems:

Sometimes the remote control or keypad that controls the gate struggles with connectivity or has battery problems. This will lead to your gate being unresponsive to the controller or keypad.  

Types of Gates That We Repair

There are various types of gates that we repair here in Phoenix — whether it’s residential or commercial, we’re here to help. Here are some of the most common types of gates that we repair. 


Swing Gate Repair:

Swing are very traditional and one of the most common types of gates that we work on. They operate like your common door — swinging open and closing on hinges. Swing gates can be double or single and made from a variety of material (wood, metal, vinyl, etc.) to meet your needs and match the style of your home. 


Sliding Gate Repair:

Sliding gates, or slide gates, operate exactly how you’d think. They slide! The slide horizontally along a track and they’re often used where there isn’t enough space for a swing gate. We see these gates used mostly in the commercial setting but they look nice on a residential property as well!


Rolling Gate Repair:

Rolling gates, typically used on commercial properties, are similar to sliding gates. However, these gates have connected metal panels that roll up when the gate is opening. 


Pedestrian Gate Repair:

These gates are.. you guessed it! Meant for pedestrians. These gates are for people to pass through on foot. These gates can be swing gates or sliding gates and are often used as a secondary entrance to a backyard.


Automatic Gate Repair: 

All of the gates listed above can be automated. Automating your gate adds convenience and security and are popular on both residential and commercial properties. We are here to repair remotes, keypads, sensors, motors, and every other part of automatic gates that are giving you trouble. 

Common Gate Material

Gates can be made with all kinds of material. We’ve even seen gates made of tree branches! While we might not have a solution for a tree-branch gate, we do offer repair for about every other type of gate. Here are some common materials that we see and repair. 


Wooden Gates:

Wooden gates make for a very pretty and natural aesthetic to any property. While wood is a very durable option, wood panels do sometimes bow or break due to weather and accidents. 


Vinyl Gates:

Vinyl gates offer a low-maintenance solution and are mostly used for residential properties. They are very durable and resistant to things like weather.


Other Decorate Gates:

Decorate gates can be made from a wide range of materials and can include designs and patterns to match your home’s look and feel. If you have a decorate gate in need of repair, we’re here to help!


Gate Installation in Phoenix

In addition to Gate Repair, we also offer Gate Installation in Phoenix. We offer a wide range of gates and we can customize a gate to meet your needs. We also offer automated gates for residential and commercial properties. Gates not only offer increased security and curb appeal, but also help increase your privacy, allowing you to enjoy your home in peace. We install and repair motorized and non-motorized gates of all shapes and sizes, including for RVs. Increase the value of your home and your peace of mind with a stunning addition to your property!

Check Out What Our Phoenix Gate Repair Customers Have to Say!

John DoLynn Zieglere
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I had to replace my double garage door. Mine was cracked, derailed and stuck in the up position. Precision responded quickly and got the door down for security and ordered a new door. The installation was efficient and professional. Good service and good people. The new door is a dream.
Eric Lucero
Read More
I called another company said it would be 2 days called Elite and they came out same day earlier than predicted by dispatch. I had called them because my spring on door broke he walked me through all options. And pricing for each option and advised on different warranty options. He had the parts on the truck. The trip out to inspect and advise issue was free. Wonderful company will definitely have on my speed dial for future repairs and possibly future upgrades.
AJ Robertson
Read More
Our garage spring broke the other day. We called up Elite Garage Doors and Gates and they were out the next day to set us up with a new one. The spring was under warranty from about a decade ago, which was nice. Great service. Highly recommended.
Laura Barrett
Read More
Absolutely awesome experience, from the salesman to the installer. Very professional, I had 3 estimates & they beat them with a better product & less expensive to boot. The installer helped me with the remotes, my truck & the key pad. He took his time with me & made sure I understood everything before he left for his next appointment. If your looking for a garage door or a garage door opener, this is the company you need to call.. P.S. the Manager is fantastic as well..... Thanks Guys & Gal
Steve Walker
Read More
I was a customer of Elite Garage Doors before they rebranded. No loss of service or professionalism. David, my tech, was great. Helped me with my concerns, did the work quickly, and was a pleasure to deal with. Price of repair was very reasonable. Look no further for your garage repair needs.

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