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Garage Door Repair in Surprise, AZ

Elite is thrilled to present the numerous positive reviews we’ve garnered from our valued customers. Our unmatched garage door installation and replacement services, coupled with the top-notch garage door repair we provide, have played a pivotal role in solidifying our reputation as Elite. Whether you’re in the market for a new garage door or require meticulous repair work, we are the go-to team that consistently surpasses expectations. Moreover, our commitment extends to offering only the finest Garage Doors available in Surprise, AZ. Our adept installation and service technicians, who undergo rigorous vetting and training, are dedicated to identifying the optimal new garage doors for your Surprise home.

Garage Door Spring Repair in Surprise

Over time, the constant cycle of the garage door opening and closing puts strain on the springs, leading to wear and tear. Most springs are designed to handle a certain number of cycles, and they will eventually reach the end of their lifespan. This is the unfortunate truth about Garage Door Springs. They don’t last forever.

Another issue we see is rust. Exposure to moisture and environmental factors can lead to rust and corrosion on the springs. This weakens the metal and makes the springs more prone to breakage.

Be sure to regularly inspect your garage door springs. Lack of regular maintenance, such as lubrication, can contribute to the deterioration of garage door springs. Proper maintenance helps reduce friction and wear on the springs.

Using the wrong size or type of spring for a particular garage door can lead to premature failure. It’s essential to install the appropriate springs based on the door’s weight and size.

A sudden impact, such as hitting the garage door with a vehicle, or the door being forced open manually when the springs are under tension, can cause immediate damage or weaken the springs over time.

Extreme temperature fluctuations can affect the flexibility and strength of the springs, making them more susceptible to breaking. 


We offer free in-person quotes on garage door spring repair in Surprise, so if you’re experiencing any of these issues please give us a call. 

Garage Door Opener and Remotes

Garage door openers may encounter various issues leading to malfunctions.

One common cause is power-related problems, including issues with the power source or a power outage. Remote control malfunctions often result from dead batteries or improper programming.

Sensor misalignment or dirt accumulation can disrupt the safety sensors, affecting door operation. Additionally, obstructions along the door track or issues with rollers may impede smooth movement.

Opener motor problems, such as overheating or wear, can lead to shutdowns. Limit switch settings which are responsible for determining the opened and closed positions, may be incorrectly configured.

Wiring problems, including faulty connections or circuit board issues, can contribute to opener failures.

Lack of regular maintenance, can lead to many of the issues above. Regularly maintaining your Garage Door Opener including sensor cleaning, lubrication, and addressing wear, can prevent many of these issues.

These are just a few common problems that we see. Regardless of the diagnosis, we are confident that we can get your garage door opening smoothly again. In addition to garage door opener repair in Arizona we also offer high-quality remotes that allow you to open and close your garage door even during power outages by using the “battery back up” feature.

Check Out Our Reviews

Patricia Book
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David arrived promptly and then explained to us how he could repair our garage door. Work was completed within an hour or so and the door works great now. Many thanks for your promptness, clarity and excellent work!
Dan O
Read More
Elite booked a same day appointment at no extra cost. The technician, Martin, was polite and professional. He did an excellent job of resolving the issues with my garage door and opener. Highly recommended!
Raymond Housh
Read More
Very fast response to my needs. Door would not open as one or both of the springs took early retirement. Dave arrived, looked things over and give me a price quote. Done a really good and fast job of making the repair. Real quite open/close and works perfect. Good job Dave.
Elite Lifetime Limited Warranty


Unfortunately, in Surprise the garage door industry is not strictly monitored. There are many fly-by-night companies that are not adequately insured and won’t even exist in 6 months’ time. When you buy new, look for a company that:

Carries the necessary insurance
Provides warranties on the parts and labor of your new door
Technicians that are well trained and uniformed
Trucks that are clean and clearly indicate the name of the garage door company (Fly-by-night companies that change their name every 6 mos., will not typically invest in uniforms or paint the company’s logo on the truck.)
You should expect professionalism and courtesy at all times
Supplies references from previous customers upon request.



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